Pushkin Alley

Pushkin Alley in Narva is located in the city center next to Peter’s Square. The square serves as a pedestrian zone, flanked by roads on both sides. Two sculptures stand along the alley: a monument to Paul Keres and a bust of Alexander Pushkin.

History and Description of Pushkin Alley

Pushkin Alley is adorned with deciduous trees that have been growing here for decades. Benches for resting line the edges of the pedestrian walkway. The square also features a structure resembling a stage – wooden platforms measuring 4 by 4.5 meters, rising about half a meter above the ground.

A major reconstruction of Narva’s main alley, also known as Pushkin Alley, took place in 2013. During the renovation, the lighting lamps were replaced, and the flower beds were illuminated. Additionally, significant landscaping was done, introducing new shrubs and hedges.

Pushkin Alley is one of the most popular walking spots in downtown Narva. It stretches from Pushkin Street to Peter’s Square, close to Narva Castle. The alley’s surroundings are dotted with cafes, and the Narva Hotel is also located here.

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