Wedding Tree

One of the modern sights of Narva is a unique wedding tree. It stands at the end of a shady square near the medieval Herman’s Castle. While in other countries newlyweds seal their union by fastening locks on the pillars of bridges, the people of Narva have been given the opportunity to “fix their marriage” by hanging leaves on the unique “plant”.

History of the Wedding Tree

The Narva Wedding Tree was opened in 2008. The authors of the project were employees of the local youth center, Evgeny Semchishin and Anna Konovalova. Their project was selected as the best in the competition of ideas for the arrangement of a place for perpetuating weddings. The new landmark was unveiled by the Mayor of Narva, Tarmo Tammiste.

The height of the wrought iron sculpture is 3.5 meters and the diameter of the “crown” is 3 meters. Metallic leaves with names of newlyweds are attached to branches so that they sway in the wind and make a “rustling” sound. The leaves are given to the newlyweds when they apply to the registrar so that they can get their names engraved in the time left before the registration.

How to get there?

There is a shady path leading to the Narva Wedding Tree that ends at the edge of the bastion. There are benches along it, where you can relax on a warm day, hiding from the sunlight under the shade of the majestic trees. By the way, according to statistics, every year in Narva 450 marriages are concluded, so the tree covered with leaves rather quickly.

Location on the map