Narva Town Hall

The Narva Town Hall is one of the most significant historical landmarks of the city. Today, this historic administrative building is neighbored by the modern building of the Narva College of the University of Tartu. The Town Hall is located just a few hundred meters from the Dark Garden and the promenade. Its architecture reflects a mix of German, Danish, and Italian cultures.

History of Narva Town Hall

The idea to build the Town Hall in Narva originated from the Swedish royal court. Initially, the building was planned to be constructed in the Baroque style according to a design by the Lübeck architect Georg Teuffel. However, during the final sketch approval in Stockholm, changes were made, resulting in the building being constructed in the Dutch Classicism style.

Construction work on Narva Town Hall began in 1668, overseen by Jürgen Bischoff and Zacharias Hoffmann the Younger. The building was completed in 1671, marked by the placement of a weathervane in the shape of a crane, crafted by Master Grabbe, atop its spire. However, the interior finishing continued for another four years.

The historic building was partially destroyed during the battles of the Second World War in 1944. In the early 1960s, Narva Town Hall was restored. The restoration work included the facades and portal, the grand staircase, the external staircase with railing, as well as the interior spaces.

In 2022, extensive restoration work began on Narva Town Hall. At the same time, Town Hall Square received a new look, and the restoration of the historic Stockholm Square commenced. In the summer of 2023, the Town Hall reopened after restoration, becoming one of the city’s tourist attractions.

Visiting Narva Town Hall

Today, the Narva Town Hall houses the Tourist Information Center. It also hosts a virtual exhibition “The New Life of Old Narva.” Using virtual reality glasses, visitors can walk through the streets of the old city that was once considered one of the most beautiful in Eastern Europe.

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Narva Town Hall Square

Originally, besides the administrative building, Narva Town Hall Square also featured other structures that formed a unified architectural ensemble with the Town Hall. Among these were a pharmacy, a stock exchange office, and the homes of the wealthiest citizens. However, all these buildings were destroyed during the Second World War, and the authorities decided against their reconstruction.

Location on the Map

Address of Narva City Hall:
Raekoja plats 1, Narva

Interesting Facts

  • The most famous administrative building in Estonia is the Tallinn Town Hall. In the summer, anyone can climb its tower.
  • The main historical attraction of Ida-Viru County is Narva Castle. Today, it hosts an interactive exhibition.
  • A unique example of Soviet architecture in Narva is the House with the Water Tower, located near the main city square.