Joaorg Recreation Area

The Joaorg Recreation Area in Narva is situated along the river, near the Herman Narva Castle. It features a city beach with a beach building housing a gym, sauna, the Rannaresto restaurant, and a seasonal outdoor café. A health trail runs through the area, and it’s a popular spot for fishing.

What is Joaorg?

Joaorg Beach is known as “the easternmost beach at the border of the European Union.” In 2013, Narva began extensive construction work, resulting in a modern beach building. Its roof offers a viewing platform with views of medieval fortresses. In 2016, it won an architecture award at the annual Best Concrete Building competition.

The beach building offers sports equipment rentals: bicycles, Nordic walking sticks, balls, badminton sets, and loungers. Close to the beach is a modern basketball court, complete with a coffee vending machine.

A modern promenade from Victoria Bastion leads to Joaorg Beach. Nearby are significant Narva attractions like the Lutheran Alexander Cathedral and the Swedish Lion monument. The beach is just a short walk from the city center.

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Parking Lot

The nearest parking to Joaorg is at the end of Raja Street, adjacent to the basketball court. Parking here is free and without time limits.

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Other Interesting Places

  • The Joaorg Health Trail connects the beach to the “Five-Kroon Viewing Platform” lookout point, another spot to admire the medieval fortresses.
  • Take an interesting photo next to the Paul Keres monument. Play a game with the famous chess player!
  • We also recommend a walk through the EV100 Park. It holds significant symbolic value not just for the city, but for the entire country.