Narva River Promenade

The Narva River Promenade is one of the main attractions of the border city. It starts from Joaorg Beach and stretches to the Victoria Bastion, spanning about 967 meters.

Narva Promenade Description

Construction of the Narva River Promenade began in 2014, with the opening of its first section. Since then, three phases of construction have been completed. The ultimate goal is to extend the promenade to the railway bridge.

The promenade features modern lighting and a pedestrian path paved with tiles. Near the Friendship Bridge, connecting Estonia and Russia, a fountain operates in the summer, and there’s a seating area with benches. The promenade is also lush with greenery.

Several thematic features can be found on the Narva Promenade:

  • The Swedish Terrace – a family-friendly spot where children can enjoy lion-shaped attractions.
  • Dalberg Stage, hosting outdoor events during the summer.
  • A sports area with workout equipment next to Dalberg Stage.
  • Sun Square with a summer café, sundial, and fountain.
  • An observation deck.

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Parking Lot

Two free car parks are located near the Narva River Promenade. One is near the Port of Narva on Sadama Street, and the other is close to the Joaoarg Recreation Area on Raja Street. Parking time here is unlimited.

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Nearby Attractions

  • Close to the promenade is Narva Castle, which today houses the city museum.
  • Finishing your walk near Victoria Bastion, be sure to visit the Dark Garden, where the upper promenade begins.
  • The mentioned upper promenade ends with the Hahn’s Steps, named after the mayor of Narva.