Five-Kroon Viewing Platform

The “Five-Kroon View” viewing platform in Narva offers a glimpse of two historic fortresses separated by a border river. This platform is part of the Joaorg recreation area. The stairs from the observation deck take you straight down to the beach, and if you go the other way along the upper road, you can walk to Alexander’s Cathedral.

The History of the Five-Kroon View

The Narva viewing platform opened in 2023. It was named after the Estonian national currency note worth five kroons. The note features a portrait of chess player Paul Keres on its front and this very view on the reverse.

The banknote’s design was created by artist Vladimir Taiger. From 1992 to 2010, the kroon was Estonia’s sole official currency. The medieval Narva Castle is the city’s most recognizable symbol, and Paul Keres was born here. These facts influenced the choice of images for the banknote.

The “Five-Kroon View” platform is an open space enclosed by glass railings over the river. Benches are available for those wishing to enjoy the view longer. There’s also an information stand detailing the site’s history.

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Parking Lot

There’s parking available near the lookout for several vehicles. However, we recommend parking at the end of Raja Street, where free parking is close to the Joaorg beach.

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Other Points of Interest

  • Not far from the lookout, you’ll find the Swedish Lion statue. Nearby, another observation deck offers a different angle of the Ivangorod Fortress.
  • During your walk through Narva, be sure to visit the Dark Garden. It’s one of the most beautiful parks in Estonia.
  • We also recommend a visit to the Narva Town Hall. Today, it houses the Tourist Information Center.