House with a water tower

The house with the water tower is one of Narva’s recognizable landmarks. This multi-storey residential building in the form of a tower is located next to Peter’s Square. The house was built in Soviet times.

The history of the house with a water tower

The house with a water tower is a simple folk name. It is the only one of its kind in Narva. But there are not so many similar buildings in other Estonian cities. The twelve-story residential building was built in 1969 and is still in use for its intended purpose.

The appearance of this house was a real breakthrough for Narva. No kidding, it was the first building in the city with an elevator! The old-timers remember coming here as children just to ride in the elevator from floor to floor. Did any of them imagine that years later it would become a symbol of the city?

The house with the water tower in Narva was designed by the Estonian architect Henno Sepmann. By the way, his other works also went down in history and are now recognized as the most important landmarks of the country. The Tallinn cycle track, located in the Pirita district, or the Tallinn’s Song Festival Grounds, which many tourist groups are brought by tour guides to admire today, suffice it to say.

House with water tower on the map of Narva

Interesting places nearby

  • A few hundred meters from the house with the water tower is the Narva Castle. It is the main attraction of the city.
  • Not far from here is the Narva Town Hall. It can be seen only from the outside.
  • The ideal place for a walk in the city is the Narva River Promenade. It lies at the foot of the historic bastion.