Tartu Uppsala House

Tartu Uppsala House is a typical eighteenth-century town building. Such houses were inhabited by ordinary townspeople who had nothing to do with military affairs. Externally, Uppsala House is an ordinary one-storey building with a mansard roof. The building is entered in the register of monuments of architecture of Estonia.

History of Uppsala House

The house received its name in honor of the Swedish city Uppsala, Tartu’s twin city. Cooperation between the cities began in 1988. In 1995-1996 as a sign of good friendship and fruitful cooperation between Tartu and Uppsala the historic building was completely restored within the framework of the project “Restoration of old buildings”.

Uppsala House in Tartu was built in 1720. The building turned out to be one of the few that was not damaged by the fire of 1775 which caused significant damage to the Old Town of the University Capital of Estonia. The house took its present shape and size in 1777-1783. At that time the building was at the disposal of craftsmen.

Later the families of the court clerks lived in Uppsala House. In the 19th century the building was equipped with apartments for lending to students studying at the University of Tartu. Today the building belongs to the Tartu City Government.


Address of Uppsala House in Tartu:
Jaani tn 7, Tartu

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