Pirita promenade

The Pirita Promenade is one of the most popular places to walk along the sea in Tallinn. It is located in the center of the city and starts from the Russalka Memorial, which stands near the gates of Kadriorg Park. From the coast you can see the historic center of the Estonian capital, the silhouette of which is particularly attractive in the evening hours.

From here locals like to say goodbye to the ships that are leaving in the sea – cruise ferries between Tallinn, Helsinki, Stockholm and St. Petersburg.

Description of Pirita Promenade

Pirita Promenade is conventionally divided into two parts. One is designed for hikers, the other is given to fans of active recreation. It is designed for roller skating and bicycle riding. On the promenade you can also ride a green Bolt scooter.

The length of the sea promenade in Pirita is about two kilometers. It ends near the Olympic Sailing Center. Here the path makes a circle and turns back. Those who want to continue in the direction of the Pirita beach or the convent of St. Birgitta, need to change course and move no longer along the sea, and next to the city highway.

The coast is popular with photographers. If you happen to see pictures of ships leaving the port, then 99 times out of every 100 pictures were taken here. Many famous panoramic photos of Tallinn were taken from the same quay.