Scooter rental

Scooter rentals in Tallinn are offered by Tuul, Bird and Bolt. The last of them has the largest fleet and is the most popular. In order to use the service, you need to install the app of one of the above mentioned companies on your smartphone and connect your payment card.

Scooter Reservation

To book a scooter Bolt or any other company, it is enough to find it on the street or use the interactive map in the app. Each scooter necessarily indicates which company it belongs to. They also differ in color. For example, Bolt scooters are green, Tuul – black.

The Bolt scooter rental starts from the moment you unlock it with the app. To do this, scan the QR code, which is located in the center of the handlebars. Right after this you can use the service.

At the end of the trip carefully park the scooter, not leaving it in the middle of the road or sidewalk. Take a picture of the parked scooter to complete the ride. Please note that you must be in the service provider’s parking zone. Outside of it, you will be charged extra.

Renting a scooter

The cost of a scooter ride in Tallinn and other Estonian cities depends on its duration. For example, unlocking a Bolt scooter is now free. The cost per minute of a ride is 0,19 euros. Note that the exact cost of the service will be shown to you in the app!

On average, a 15-minute scooter ride in Tallinn costs about 3 euros. During this time you can, for example, go from one neighborhood to another. It is cheaper than taking a cab.

How to use a scooter

Scooter speed

The speed of Bolt scooters is standard and is 25 km/h. For beginners there is an option to limit it to 15 km/h. You can do this in the app.

Please note that scooter use in Estonia is regulated by the Traffic Act. It establishes speed limits and rules for the use of the vehicle.

Regulations for scooter use in Estonia

Scooter rentals in Tallinn and other Estonian cities can only be used by adults. Protective helmets and preferably knee and elbow pads must be worn for safe travel. Only one person can be on the scooter while riding it.