Pirita Beach

Pirita Beach was and still is the most popular summer vacation spot in Tallinn. Its length is two kilometers, and the number of daily visitors amounts to tens of thousands. By official statistics, on a good day there are 30000 citizens and guests of the capital of Estonia basking in the sun and swimming in the sea.

Description of Pirita beach

Pirita Beach is located about a quarter of an hour from Tallinn city center by public transport. Because of this fact, it has long been one of the most popular tourist destinations. In 1980 it was the venue of the Olympic regatta, which left its legacy in the mouth of the River Pirita as the Olympic center. There is also a yacht port.

Recreation at Pirita Beach in Tallinn can be both passive and active. The forest park that surrounds Pirita Beach has trails and equipment that can be used free of charge. There are also numerous playgrounds for children. For adults on the beach there are fields for soccer and volleyball.

From the beach of Pirita there is a gorgeous view of the old town. From here you can admire the lively traffic in the Gulf of Finland. In this view is not only a passenger ferry between Tallinn, Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Stockholm, but also numerous yachts and sailing boats. You can watch them from the stone breakwater going into the sea.

Attractions and entertainment

Pirita Beach in Tallinn has a well-developed infrastructure. In summer, there are many cafes, where you can buy snacks and refreshments, and water scooter rentals. On the approach to the beach there is a golf course.

Close to Pirita Beach, at the mouth of the Pirita River, there is a boat station. In the summer, you can take a boat or catamaran ride and admire the surroundings. Walkers can take a hike along the Pirita promenade from the Rusalka Monument to the Viimsi area. The walk can take several hours and is usually done along the seashore.

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How to get to Pirita Beach

You can get to Pirita Beach from downtown Tallinn on regular city bus lines. The most convenient way is to start the trip from the Viru passenger bus terminal, located on the underground floor of the shopping center with the same name. Also, you can take a bus to Pirita at the Kadriorg stop.

From Viru terminal to Pirita go bus lines 1A, 34A and 38. From the Baltic Railway Station to Pirita goes bus number 8. Get off at the stop Pirita, then cross the road and follow in the direction of the sea.

Parking at Pirita Beach

There are several parking lots in the area of Pirita Beach. However, during the summer period you can leave your car here only for a fee. There are regular parking rules in the vicinity of this recreation area, but at a special rate.

The cost of parking is indicated on special signs posted at the entrance. The parking lot itself is located outdoors and is not guarded, so to avoid burglary, try not to leave any items in plain sight that might attract the attention of burglars.


What to see around Pirita Beach?

There are several attractions located near Pirita beach. The first is the monastery of St. Brigitta, whose stone walls rise above the River Pirita. Another noteworthy site is the Olympic Sailing Center. In addition, there are also trails along the river, on which you can admire the surroundings.