Pikakari Beach

Pikakari beach in Tallinn is located on Paljassaare Peninsula, near the former industrial zone. Its distinctive feature is the rapidly deepening seabed. Due to the proximity of the passenger port and the intense sea traffic, there are almost always big waves.

Pikakari Beach – place for swimming

Pikakari is recognized as the official beach of Tallinn. This means that in the high season vacationers can feel safe, as lifeguards are always there to help them in case of need. It is advisable to bring your own food and drinks.

Pikakari Beach is a great place for picnic lovers. The adjacent forest belt has several stationary sites for making picnics. There are also tables with benches where you can enjoy home-made meals. Fans of active recreation can play beach volleyball or soccer. In addition, the Paljassaare Nature Reserve is located near the beach, where you can walk and watch birds nesting.

During the summer, there are restrooms and showers on Pikakari. The beach also has a breakwater that goes into the sea, from which fishermen like to fish. There are benches along the entire length of the breakwater from which you can admire one of the most interesting views of Tallinn – from here you can see Tallinn City Hall, the churches of Old Town and Seaplane Harbour with its hangars. If you look across the bay to the other side, you can see the Singing Field and the outlines of Pirita Beach.

Attractions for kids

Visitors to Piccari with children should take care of their own recreational activities. The beach is not equipped in the best way for young visitors. At the very beginning of the sandy strip there are only swings for children.

Allowing children to swim in the sea be sure to control the process! Because passing ferries create large waves in the sea, kids can be difficult to stay in the water, which can lead to serious problems.

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How to get to Pikakari Beach

You can get to Pikakari Beach from the center of Tallinn by bus 59. It departs from the railway station. In addition, it is worth noting the inconvenient timetable of the bus: from the starting point it departs once an hour, so in high season can be filled with passengers to capacity.

It is more convenient to come to the beach with your own transport. In order to find out the route, first you should determine the location of Pikakari (spelled Pikakari rand), then enter the coordinates into the navigator and calculate the route. Near the beach there are two free unguarded parking lots.