Akva:rium Lake Museum

The Akva:rium Lake Museum introduces visitors to the diversity of freshwater fish and is the only one of its kind not only in Estonia but also in the entire Baltic region. It is located in Tartumaa county on the shore of Lake Võrtsjärv. The museum is one of the most interesting attractions in the vicinity of Tartu.

Exhibition of the Lake Museum

Akva:rium is a science and technology museum that houses twenty-five aquariums. In them, visitors can see about half of the species of freshwater fish found in Estonia, including rare and exotic ones. There are also turtles, cladophoras, and river crayfish.

The museum also features an exhibition of primitive fish. Fishing enthusiasts can explore a collection of fishing gear. For younger visitors, there is a thematic children’s playroom on the second floor.

Visiting the museum can be combined with an entertaining trip to Lake Võrtsjärv. Here, you can rent a raft with a real sauna on board. If a lake excursion is not in your plans, you can simply enjoy the view of the water from the museum’s observation deck.

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How to Get There

The distance from Tartu to the Lake Museum is just under 44 kilometers. The journey takes about 40 minutes. Enter Lake Museum or Järvemuuseum Akva:rium into your navigation system and follow the route.

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