Churches and Cathedrals in Tallinn

Tallinn’s churches are strongholds of the spiritual life of its citizens and, at the same time, architectural monuments. In the Estonian capital there are churches of various confessions. Most of them are Lutheran and Orthodox. Also in the city there are Methodist, Baptist and Catholic parishes, as well as Jehovah’s Witness houses.

List of churches in Tallinn

Lutheran churches in Tallinn

Most Estonians are Lutherans. The most popular congregations among the population are Kaarli, Jaani, Oleviste, and Pühavaimu. All these churches are also important historical landmarks.

The main Lutheran church in Tallinn is the Dome Cathedral on Toompea Hill. There are other historic churches on the territory of the old city. For example, the Church of St. Nicholas, which now houses a branch of the Art Museum.

Orthodox churches

In Tallinn you can find Orthodox churches of the Moscow and Constantinople Patriarchates. The vast majority of Russian-speaking residents of the Estonian capital belong to this congregation. In Orthodox churches masses are held in the Old Slavonic language.

The main Orthodox church in Estonia is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. It is located on Toompea, opposite the Riigikogu building. The churches of the Moscow Patriarchate are open every day, while those of Constantinople are open only during masses.

Catholic Churches

The number of Catholics in Estonia does not exceed 0.5% of the population. Therefore, there are few Catholic churches in the country. The main one is located in the Old Town of Tallinn. It is the Peter and Paul Cathedral.

Catholics also owned the Pirita Monastery of St. Birgitta. It is still active today, but not in a historic building, but in a modern one. The old monastery now operates as a museum.