Spa in Tallinn

If you want to have a good time in Tallinn, relax and unwind, we recommend to pay attention to spa centers. In the Estonian capital this range of services is represented at the highest level. Both day spas and hotels offering the appropriate services are at the disposal of residents and guests of the city.

Tallinn’s spa centers and hotels feature

There are spas in Tallinn practically in every district. Even on the outskirts of the capital you can spend a good time in modern spa centers that offer a wide range of services. As a rule, they include both water and beauty treatments.

Spa hotels in Tallinn are very popular among tourists. Many people specifically come here to get a rest from everyday work. Staying in such hotels, you get not only accommodation, but also unlimited access to water centers.

A standard set of services in Tallinn spas are various water procedures, relaxation rooms, beauty procedures, sauna complexes and gyms. At the same time you can get quality services at affordable prices. In this section we have compiled for you a list of the best-known spas in Tallinn that have been providing services for several years.

The most popular hotels with spa in Tallinn

Many spa in Tallinn have a reputation not only in Estonia, but also abroad. They are particularly popular among Finns, Russians, Germans and the British. For example, residents of neighboring Finland often come here for a weekend just to relax.

The most famous spas in Tallinn are Kalev Spa Hotel & Waterpark, Viimsi Spa and Pirita Marina Hotel & Spa. Centers located in the outskirts of the capital are no less popular. The most famous of them is Laulasmaa Spa, located half an hour from the city on the seashore.

List of spas in Tallinn