Pärnu Beach

Pärnu Beach is one of the largest beaches in Estonia. It is located a quarter of an hour’s walk from the city center. Tens of thousands of people sunbathe and swim here every summer day. The main thing is that the weather is nice!

Description of Pärnu Beach

Pärnu Beach is located in a shallow bay where the water gets warm in a few minutes. Its territory is surrounded by several parks that protect it from the cold winds. Around the beach there are cafes and restaurants. Also here they sell ice cream and soft drinks.

The recreation area of Pärnu Beach has several playgrounds for sports games. There is a mini-golf course, a volleyball court and a small soccer field. In the high season, various sports competitions are regularly held here. There are also playgrounds for children, swings and fountains in the recreation area.

It should be noted that one wing of Pärnu beach, located on the right side of the historic mud cure clinic Hedon SPA, is not open for everyone. This is the so called “Women’s Beach”. Naturists like to spend time here and there is a sign that warns about it in front of the entrance.

Additional services on the beach

Beach lovers in Pärnu can enjoy extra services. You can rent a deck chair, for example, so you do not need to bring your own beach gear. Surfing equipment can be rented on the beach.

There are several free toilets in Pärnu Beach. You can also take a shower here for a fee. Not far from the beach, you can find a sculpture alley with works by artists from all over the world and Estonia’s largest resort’s rest place – Kuursaal with outdoor stage.

Pärnu Beach in the photo

Beach on the map of Pärnu

The town’s beach is the main tourist attraction in Pärnu. It is easy to find – signposts pointing you in the right direction can be found on almost all city crossings.


From June 1 to August 30 from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm in the summer, parking at the Pärnu Beach is fee-paying. Parking is free for 30 minutes on the territory around the beach, if the time of parking is marked on the parking clock.

You can pay for parking at a payment machine and by cell phone. The parking area is called RANNA. The current cost of using the parking lot is indicated on the signs posted at the entrance to the pay zone.

Beaches in other cities of Estonia

  • The beach of Narva-Jõesuu is considered the largest in Estonia. Its length exceeds ten kilometers!
  • The city of Tallinn attracts vacationers to the beach of Pirita. Here you can not only have a rest on the seashore but also go boating on the river.
  • In the town of Nõva you can find Peraküla beach. There are also several hiking trails that allow you to learn more about the nature of the region.
  • Not far from Tallinn there is Vääna-Jõesuu beach. From here it is a short walk to the Turisalu cliff.