Monument Tank T-34

Monument Tank T-34 near Narva is located in Siivertsi. The military machine is mounted on a high pedestal. Today, the Narva tank is the only monument of its kind in Estonia.

Monument liquidated
The monument was liquidated by the decision of the Estonian government on August 16, 2022. The government consists of the Reformierakond, Isamaa, and the Social Democratic. Ignoring requests from Narva residents to keep the monument in the city or move it to the World War II Museum in Sinimäe, the authorities sent it to the Estonian Military Museum in Viimsi.

History of the Narva tank

The grand opening of the monument took place on May 9, 1970. The T-35-85 tank was installed in the very place where the Red Army units crossed the Narva River under the command of General Fedyuninsky. This happened in July 1944. The liberation of Estonia from German troops began with the crossing of the Narva River.

The installation of the monument was timed to the 25th anniversary of the Victory. The tank is mounted on a dolomite pedestal that is 2.2 metres high. An explanatory plaque is attached to the pedestal on which the following text is written in Estonian and Russian:

In this area the troops of the Leningrad Front on 25-26 July 1944 forced the river, broke through the defenses of the German-fascist forces and liberated the city of Narva.

Photos of the Narva tank

Location of the Narva Tank on the map

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