Tuhala Nature Trail and Karsts

Hiking trail in Tuhala introduces visitors to the sights of the village of the same name, including the famous Witch’s Well and karst springs. The trail is 2.5 kilometers long.

Description of the Tuhala hiking trail

The route starts from the car park. Travelers are invited to see the well, the energy source stone, and then walk around the surroundings. Here you will see the Tuhala Church, as well as numerous karsts.

To stay on track, pay close attention to the signs. The list of places worth visiting can be found on the map installed at the beginning of the trail. The places themselves are marked with numbers on wooden signs that indicate the direction of the route.

It is recommended to walk the trail when the well is in a calm state. During floods, karst caves can be submerged up to 7 meters deep. Unfortunately, the trail is poorly marked, and the most well-maintained part is located near the Tuhala Nature Center.

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Free car parking is available in front of the Tuhala Nature Center. More than ten cars can fit here. Across the road from the car park is the Polli Zoo, definitely worth a visit.

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