Paukjärve Nature Trail

The Paukjärve nature trail belongs to the Aegviidu-Kõrvemaa recreation area. The length of the circular route is 5 kilometers. Along the way, you can admire different kinds of forest, several forest lakes, as well as meadows and valleys between the drumlines. Among the sight of the Paukjärve Trail is the site of the camp of the Young Christian Society, which existed in Estonia before World War II. In the surrounding forests in the summer grow berries, among which lingonberries and blueberries predominate, as well as mushrooms.

Features of the route

The Paukjärve Hiking Trail originates from the Kaksiksilla parking lot. Not far from here begins another hiking route – the Jussi Trail. The direction and boundaries of the trail are marked on the trees with yellow dots. The route includes 9 stops for sightseeing with their detailed descriptions, there is an observation tower and a place to make bonfires and set up tents.

The initial stage of the hiking trail goes through the forest zone. Here you can get acquainted with various plants peculiar to Estonian nature, as well as enjoy berries: there are blueberries and lingonberries in the forest. The direction of the route is indicated by either arrows or yellow dots. In order not to get lost and not to miss a turn, carefully follow the signs.

There are wild boars in the local forest. In many places the attentive traveler will notice traces of their life. The forest is crossed by a trail of migrating wild boars, which wander from one place to another in search of food. Evidence of their presence is the nibbled bark of the trees at the bottom of the trunks.

Paukjärve Trail Lakes

After passing a small grove, you will find yourself on a sandy path leading to the first lake on the trail. It is called Kaazikjarv. The surface area of the reservoir is only 0.7 hectares, but it is considered the third deepest in Northern Estonia. The maximum depth of Lake Kaasikjärv is 12.5 meters. Nevertheless, there are brave men who swim here on hot summer days.

The second lake on the Paukjärve Trail is Ümerikjärv, whose name can be translated as “rounded” in English. The depth of the lake reaches 14 meters, and the surface area of the reservoir is 1.6 hectares. One of the attractions in the vicinity of Ümerikjärv are the ruins of the consular dacha, standing on the shore of the pond. It belonged to Emil Vesterinen.

Then the trail stretches along the shore of the lake, almost completely skirting it. This allows you to enjoy the superb scenery and enjoy it to the fullest. Part of the way along the pond is on the usual trail, a separate part of it – on a wooden deck, which condition can be called good. You will encounter boundary stones along the way.

The site of a former camp

One of the most interesting places to stop on the Paukjärve route is the 11-meter observation tower. Once you climb up, you can look around the surrounding swamp, which looks, I must admit – impressive. In the zone of visibility from the last span of the tower will be Lake Paukjärv and the already mentioned bog, which is called Kõnnu Suursoo. Please note, no more than 20 people can be on the tower at the same time.

After visiting the observation tower, the trail will lead you to the site where the Christian Youth Organization summer camp was located in the first half of the twentieth century. The period of his activity is considered to be from 1931 to 1940. After Estonia joined the Soviet Union, the camp became a pioneer camp. Today, only small ruins remain in its place. There is also a picnic area with a large fire pit, tables and benches.

The camp was located directly on the shore of Lake Paukjärv. It is considered one of the cleanest lakes in Estonia. The water surface of the lake occupies 8.6 hectares, and its depth reaches 11 meters. In the lake there are pike, perch and roach. It is also quite possible to swim here. By the way, it is assumed that near Paukjärv action unfolds novel by Estonian writer A.H.Tamsaare “The Master of Kõrboja“. Some episodes of a feature film based on this work were filmed here.

Paukjärve trail in the photo

How do I get to the Paukjärve Study Trail?

From the Estonian capital take the Narva highway to the turn to Aegviidu. Continue straight ahead and after about 29 kilometers turn off into the woods onto a dirt road. Continue straight ahead for 7.2 kilometers, following the signpost Paukjärve. After the intersection, drive another 2.2 kilometers and you will be at your destination.

Other hiking trails

  • Next to the Paukjärve hiking trail is the Jussi Nature Trail. The neighboring route introduces beautiful lakes.
  • One of the most popular places in the Aegviidu-Kõrvemaa recreation area is the Kakerdaja bog hiking trail. There is also a place for a fire.
  • You can see pine trees growing on the rocks at the Tädu Nature Trail. It is located on the Viimsi Peninsula.