Citybee carsharing

Citybee is a Lithuanian company that provides carsharing services in the Baltics through a mobile app. The company started operating in 2012 in Vilnius. In Estonia, the company has been operating since 2019, and its fleet can be used in Tallinn and Tartu.

Citybee carsharing in Estonia offers customers to rent cars and buses of category B. Payment for services is made both on the fact of the trip, and according to the price list of the daily package. The latter will cost the customer about 20% cheaper.

How to use Citybee

If you want to use Citybee services, you must install a special app on your mobile device. You can download it by following this link. The application works on both Android and iOs devices.

After installing the Citybee app, you need to upload a photo of your driver’s license and take selfies with it. You may be asked to confirm your identity with a video call. After that, you need to enter your bank card details and proceed to select a vehicle.

The app shows available vehicles nearby. Once you have selected a vehicle, unlock it using the app. You will find the ignition key to the right of the driver’s seat or in the glove compartment. Now you can go!

Citybee vans

In addition to passenger cars Citybee offers the possibility of renting a van. The company’s fleet of commercial vehicles consists of Fiat Ducato, Ford Transit, Renault Master, Volkswagen Crafter and Volkswagen E-Crafter. A B-category license is sufficient to drive all of these vehicles.

Citybee commercial vans can be rented for both short and long periods of time. The company also offers special rental terms for business customers. Individuals can rent a van for transportation of furniture, construction materials and other oversized things.

Citybee prices

Prices for cars Citybee depend on the time of use and the covered kilometer for the trip. The time begins when you unlock the car and ends when you lock it via a mobile app. Fuel and insurance are included in the price of the service.

Rental price depends on the type and brand of the car. The price of one minute starts from 0.13 EUR. Thus, one hour of Toyota Yaris small car rental will cost about EUR 5.50-6.00. Kia Sportage SUV rental will cost about 10 EUR per hour. Price of a Citybee van for an hour rental is about 10 EUR.

The cost per kilometer depends on the vehicle type and fuel consumption. According to the calculator on the official website of the company, the average cost per kilometer is 2.9 EUR. Please note that depending on the situation on the fuel market prices may vary.

Fuelling cars

Citybee refuels its cars at partner fuel stations. In Estonia the company cooperates with the Circle K network. The customer gets a discount of up to 4 EUR for a full tank of car (the exact amount is in the app).

The fuel card is on the lapel of the sun visor. Its pin-code can be found out just before buying fuel from the app. The fuel discount is calculated at the end of the trip after locking the vehicle.


Citybee parking in Tallinn is done in several zones marked with three colors on the map in the app. Green color shows the city streets where free parking is allowed. Yellow marked places where you will be charged an extra fee for leaving your car at the end of your trip. Parking is prohibited in areas marked in red.