Õismäe bog health trail

The Õismäe bog health trail is located in Tallinn, in the Haabersti district of the city. There are conditions for walking in the forest and outdoor sports. It also has a special playground for training dogs. Near the trail are two car parks – on Vana Rannamõisa Street and Vabaõhumuuseumi Tee.

Description of Õismäe bog

Õismäe Bog has an area of 40 hectares. It is located between the Open-Air Museum and the Rannamõisa tee. There are wide walking paths for hiking, and those who want to go deeper into the bog can take the forest paths.

Õismäe bog today has little resemblance to a classic bog. It looks more like a pine forest. Birch, rowan, aspen and spruce trees are also found here. In the depths of the forest grow bog rosemary, blueberries, crowberries and cranberries.

The forest is also home to wildlife. Here you can find roe deer and less often moose. Foxes and raccoon dogs have also been spotted, and in spring 2020, a bear strolled in the area of the swamp. Nevertheless, the place is safe for walking, as animals tend to avoid contact with people themselves.

Health Trail

The health trail of Õismäe bog is circular, and its length is 2 kilometers. In winter, when there is snow, a ski trail is laid out here. In the evenings, the trail is illuminated and can to some extent be called a park.

There are two outdoor gyms on the trail. One is near the parking lot on Vabaõhumuuseumi Street and the other is near the parking lot on Vana Rannamõisa Road. There is also a dry toilet.

A dog training area is located on Vana-Rannamõisa tee. It is a fenced area with all the necessary equipment. The sports equipment and the dog training area can be used free of charge.

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Other similar locations

  • In Tallinn, there is also the Pääsküla bog. This place is not equipped for sports, but is great for walking.
  • The Nõmme-Harku trail is very popular among sports enthusiasts. By the way, Harku forest is a protected area.
  • You can also admire the nature in Tallinn at Astangu. In the past, there was a military unit here and the area was closed to visitors.