Estonian Museum of Natural History

The Estonian Museum of Natural History introduces the peculiarities of the country’s natural environment. Here you will learn about the animals that live on the territory of Estonia and the plants that grow here. The museum also regularly organizes thematic exhibitions.

The exposition of the Estonian Museum of Natural History

The exposition of the Estonian Museum of Natural History consists of three floors. On the first floor are often arranged thematic exhibitions. For example, popular is the annual exhibition of mushrooms, which takes place in early autumn. There are also frequent exhibitions of photos, beetles, mushrooms, and many others.

The permanent exhibition of the museum includes examples of Estonian landscapes, in particular, forests and swamps, presented here in the form of photographs. To complete the picture are the stuffed animals of the local nature. They are all made in full size. There are bears, moose and foxes here.

Like any other such institution, this one has an educational function in the first place. It will be useful to bring children here and show them the diversity of Estonian nature. They may also be interested to see what trees look like in a cross-section, and if all this is presented in an interesting way and accompanied by a fascinating story, the experience will last a long time.

Location of Estonian Museum of Natural History

The museum is located in Tallinn’s Old Town. To get to it you must go through an archway above which there is a sign “Loodusmuuseum”. After that you will find yourself in the courtyard. It is best to get to your destination on foot.

Lai 29A
Tel: +3726411 739
Official website:

Tickets to the Estonian Nature Museum

You can buy e-tickets to the Estonian Museum of Nature. To do this, follow the link, choose a suitable date and time and pay for the order. After payment, you will receive an e-ticket by email or SMS, depending on your choice. Just show the ticket on the screen of your smartphone. The service is provided by the international company Tiqets.

Interesting facts

  • The geological history of Estonia is 2,000 million years old. All of it is reflected in the museum exhibition.
  • In the fall, the nature museum has a thematic exhibition devoted to mushrooms. It is useful for beginner mushroom eaters. Here you can learn to distinguish edible from poisonous mushrooms.
  • The museum is closed on Mondays.