Estonian History Museum

The Estonian History Museum introduces the history of the country. It consists of four branches, each devoted to a specific subject. Branches of the museum are located in Tallinn Old Town and in Pirita on Maarjamägi.

Estonian History Museum exposition

The main exposition of the Estonian History Museum is located in the historical center of Tallinn in the building of the Great Guild. The exhibits collected here are meant to help understand the uniqueness of the people who lived on the territory of today’s Estonia and uncover the country’s past through thematic rooms. Next to the museum in the Exchange Passage is the History Lane.

In the museum you can get information, for example, about currency, which was in circulation in the territory of the republic at different times. The basement room will tell you about the history of the Great Guild and its building. There is also a wine cellar from 1437 to the beginning of the World War II.

The Armoury is also of interest, with samples of weapons from different times, found during archaeological excavations on the territory of the Republic of Estonia. Unusual and exotic items are displayed at the permanent exhibition “The Soul of the Thing”. Visitors can also use an interactive time capsule to feel like they are participants in various historical events.


History Museum on the map of Tallinn

Museum is located in the Old Town near Town Hall Square. In the immediate vicinity is a cafe Maiasmook, where you can learn about the history of marzipan.

Pikk, 17

Other interesting museums in Estonia

  • Not far from Pärnu you will find the Estonian Museum Railway. Its exposition consists of unique samples of machinery.
  • You can get acquainted with the life of the islanders in the Angla Tourism Center on the island of Saaremaa.
  • The Ah-haa Science Center, located in Tartu, is very popular. It is a must-see for families with children.
  • Pay attention to the castles of Estonia. They tell you about the history of the region in the best possible way.