Narva Bus Station

The bus station in Narva is located next to the railway station. Buses of intra-republican lines stop here, connecting the border town with other large settlements of the republic, as well as with its capital, as well as routes of suburban lines. In addition, buses to international destinations also make a stop in Narva.

Narva bus station structure

The Narva bus station does not offer any comfort to passengers. People are supposed to come here at the moment of bus departure not to wait too long. There is a ticket office and a small waiting room, which allows you to shelter from the rain if necessary.

The bus station has a parking lot for buses, as well as several outdoor pavilions. In fact, they are just regular glass awnings, protecting from direct rain, but practically not saving from the wind. Generally speaking, Narva bus station looks more like a bus stop than a station of international importance.

Bus station on the map of Narva

Address of Narva bus station:
Vaksali 25, Narva

Routes and directions

Narva has direct bus connection with Tallinn and Tartu. Also from Narva you can get to Pärnu without changing the route St. Petersburg – Pärnu. From the Estonian border city you can also get to St. Petersburg by bus, using either the line Pärnu – St. Petersburg, or Tallinn – St. Petersburg. A direct international link connects Narva with Russia’s Pskov.

Direct bus services also connect Narva with Riga, Latvia. The route is served by the company LuxExpress. The route Narva – Vilnius is served by EcoLines buses.