Tabasalu Study Trail

The Tabasalu Natural Park and hiking trail is located in the eponymous settlement, which is seven kilometers away from Tallinn. The educational trail of the park runs through the Rannamõisa landscape reserve and passes along the edge of a cliff. You can descend down to the sea via a stone staircase, and then climb back up on the other side after walking along the shore.

The study trail of the Tabasalu Natural Park

The attractions of the Tabasalu study trail include the Rannamõisa cliff, the caves formed in clay under natural conditions, the Kakumäe bay, and the forest. In addition, there is a superb panoramic view of the capital of Estonia. The length of the Tabasalu hiking trail is 3.5 kilometers.

Thirteen large information boards are installed on the trail, which describe the features of the area. In addition, there are small signs in various corners of the park that provide information about the local animals and trees. There are also places for resting and making a campfire.

The landscape is adorned with sea stones that either rise individually above the sea or form a whole row. Among the birds, you can often see herons, swans, and cormorants.

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The Tabasalu Natural Park car park is located in front of the main entrance. Parking here is free, and there is no time limit for parking. The parking lot is designed for a large number of cars.

Other beautiful places nearby

  • The Vääna-Jõesuu beach is located just a few dozen kilometers away from Tabasalu. Here, you can sunbathe, swim, and have picnics.
  • For those who want to enjoy the sea, we recommend visiting the Suurupi lighthouses. They are open to visitors during the summer period.
  • It is also worth taking a look at the Keila-Joa Park. This is one of the most beautiful places near Tallinn.