Pääsküla Bog and Hiking Trail

The Pääsküla Bog is located in the Nõmme district of Tallinn, covering an area of 273 hectares, with the entire area recognized as a nature reserve. In 2007, hiking trails were laid throughout the bog, and since then it has become a popular place for nature lovers and enthusiasts of a healthy lifestyle.

Hiking Trails of Pääsküla Bog

The hiking trail of Pääsküla Bog is divided into four circles of varying lengths. These are the Ilmarise Circle (3.4 km), the Raba Ring (Bog Circle, 4 km), the Kraavi Ring (Ditch Circle, 4.3 km), and the Big Circle (9.0 km). There is a 10-meter observation tower on the bog trail, from which you can see the surrounding area.

Each of the routes is marked with a specific color. To avoid getting lost, follow the signs. On some parts of the trail, hiking paths intersect.

The majority of the Bog trail runs on a wooden boardwalk, which can be slippery in wet weather. In addition, during rainy weather, some parts of the route may be flooded.

Features of the Hike

By choosing the Kraavi or Ilmarise circles for the hike, you can also visit individual parts of the Bog trail. This way, you will be able to see more natural attractions. The bog lakes and rivers are located in the forest and can be crossed using wooden bridges.

The Kraavi Circle is suitable for moving with baby strollers and is wheelchair accessible. Along the route, there are places to rest with a view of the bog.

All routes can be started from the Hiiu Street side. The start of the path is next to the car park. The nearest map of the area to the car park is located at the beginning of the Bog trail.

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The parking lot of the Pääsküla bog is designed for up to ten cars. When coming from the Hiiu street side, follow the road signs to find the parking lot. Parking is free and there is no time limit.

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