Tartu Railway Station

Tartu railway station is a major transport hub in Estonia. Modern diesel trains bring passengers here several times a day. The station building is located on the outskirts of the city on Vaksali Street. The station is an intermediate station on Tallinn-Tartu-Valga and Tallinn-Tartu-Koidula routes.

Railway service to Tartu is provided by national joint stock company Elron. Diesel trains have first and second class carriages. Travel time from Tallinn to Tartu by train takes just over two hours. Tickets can be purchased directly in the train from the conductor.

Description of the Tartu railway station

The Tartu Train Station has two platforms whose height corresponds to the height of the wagon doors of the Studler Flirt trains operating in Estonia. This makes it easy for people with disabilities to get on the train. The platforms have rain shelters and benches where you can pass the time while waiting for your train.

Tartu Railway Station has a small waiting room. It is located in the premises of the historical building, built in the XIX century. The way to the platform goes underground, leading to the platforms from the waiting room. One of the station platform is a side platform, adjacent to the building, the second is considered an island platform. Between the platforms there are two railway tracks.

How to get there?

The distance between the railway and bus station in Tartu is 2.2 kilometers. In a cab you can overcome this part of the way in five minutes. Also you can get to the station by buses of city lines. From the Market Square go here routes number 3 and 18, from the shopping center Tartu Kaubamaja – number 7 and 20. Get off at the Rongijaam stop.

Station on a map of Tartu

The railway station of Tartu is on Vaksali Street a few blocks from the historical center of the city.

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