Tallinn TV Tower

The Tallinn TV Tower is the tallest building in Estonia. It reaches a height of 314 meters. The tower structure consists of a 190-meter concrete trunk with a 124-meter iron mast attached to it. At the height of 170 meters there is an viewing platform that everyone can get to.

History of the Tallinn TV Tower

The construction of the TV tower was timed to coincide with the Olympic Games held in the Soviet Union in 1980. The design of the building was developed by the architects David Basiladze and Yuri Sinis and the engineers Vladimir Obydov and Evgeny Ignatov. The TV tower was opened on July 11, 1980.

The main purpose of the TV tower was to provide retransmission of TV and radio signals. However, from that point of view it was interesting only for professionals. For ordinary citizens a visit to the tower was a kind of entertainment. On the viewing platform was opened one of the most famous restaurants in Tallinn – Galaxy, which worked until 2007, when the building was closed for renovation.

The renovated Tallinn TV Tower reopened its doors in 2012. In the course of the reconstruction the local restaurant was rebuilt, and an outdoor observation deck was built. From there you can enjoy an unforgettable view of Estonia’s capital and the Baltic Sea, which looks like a toy from above. There are also interactive screens with which you can zoom in and see what the landscape looked like in different years.

Video tour of the Tallinn TV Tower

Visiting the TV Tower in Tallinn

The TV Tower in Tallinn is open to visitors all year round. Today, as in the old days, there is a Galaxy restaurant here, where you can have lunch and admire the gorgeous view of the Estonian capital and its surroundings. In the lobby of the TV Tower, there is a photo exhibition about the history and construction of the structure. There is also a souvenir shop in the lobby where you can buy miniature copies of the TV Tower, magnets, postcards and other souvenirs.

The Tallinn TV Tower offers a number of services to companies and NGOs. For a fee it is possible to rent a conference room, hold a seminar at sunrise and rent a cinema for a certain time. In addition to this the companies can rent the area around the tower for their events.

TV Tower tickets

You can buy electronic tickets to the Tallinn TV Tower. They have the advantage that you do not have to stand in line, which in peak season can be very long. To purchase, click on the link, choose a suitable date and time and pay for your order.

After payment, you will receive an e-ticket by e-mail or SMS, depending on your choice. Just show the ticket on your screen. The service is provided by the international company Tiqets.


Other Viewing platforms in Tallinn

  • You can look at Tallinn from an unusual angle from the SkyWheel. It is located near the airport.
  • One of the most famous viewing platforms in Tallinn is Patkuli. You can also buy souvenirs here.
  • You can admire Tallinn’s Old Town from the viewing platform of the St. Olaf’s Church. The age of the church is several centuries.