The Commandant’s Garden

The Commandant’s Garden of Tallinn is located in the old town on Toompea. The garden is surrounded by medieval landmarks. It is located at the crossroads to many attractions, so it is quite crowded.

Description of the Commandant’s Garden

When exactly the garden appeared on this place is not known. The name it received due to its proximity to the house of the commandant of the garrison of Reval. By the way, at one time he was Alexander Pushkin’s great grandfather, Abram Gannibal.

In the summer period there is a lot of life in the Commandant’s Garden. There are often historical reconstructions and theatrical performances. In addition, everyone is offered to try his or her hand at archery for a fee.

Passing the Commandant’s Garden you can get to the courtyard of Maiden’s Tower, where now operates a cafe in the old style. There is also the Danish King’s Garden with an viewing platform from which you can see the rooftops of Old Tallinn. The place is popular with tourists and is included in sightseeing itineraries.

How to get to the Commandant’s Garden?

To get to the Commandant’s Garden in Tallinn is most comfortable from the side of Freedom Square. It is necessary to climb up the road to the tower Kiek-in de Köök. The garden is located just behind this majestic building.