Linda’s Hill

Linda Hill is located in Tallinn on Toompea Hill. It was named after the monument erected here to Linda, the heroine of the epic “Kalevipoeg”. She is the mother of the main character.

History and description of the park

The sculpture of Linda was erected in 1920. Its author is A. Weizenberg. According to an ancient legend, the hill Toompea is the grave of Kalevipoeg, the national hero of Estonians. This explains both the origin of the name of the place and the reason for installing such a sculpture here.

There are 26 species of trees on Linda Hill. The most notable of them are the seven Dutch linden trees growing in a circle. According to some estimates these trees are about 200 years old.

From Linda Hill there is an excellent view of the Tall Hermann Tower. You can also see part of the ancient Toompea Castle from here. Nearby is also the Kiek-in-de-Köök Tower.