Iglupark and Saunas

Iglupark in Tallinn is located in the Noblessner quarter. It consists of a complex of saunas, offices and huts themselves. The park is operated by the company Iglucraft OÜ, which offers igloo huts for rent.


Description of Iglupark

Tallinn’s Iglupark consists of nineteen huts. These include five bathhouses, four offices and ten huts. There is also a bar.

The huts for rent are located in a private area fenced off from the rest of the neighborhood. The huts are facing the sea. This makes it possible to watch the receding ships in the distance, as well as watch the sunset.

In the vicinity of the park there are numerous restaurants of the Noblessner quarter. From here it is also not far to the center of Tallinn. Iglupark is perfect for romantic rendezvous on the seashore!

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Parking lot

Iglupark’s parking lot is located in the Noblessner Quarter. It is paid. The conditions and prices of parking can be found directly on site.

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Things to see nearby

  • In close proximity to Iglupark is Kalamaja Park. To get there, all you have to do is cross the road.
  • It takes about a quarter of an hour of walking to get to the Cruise Terminal Promenade of the Old Port. To get there faster, you can take a Bolt scooter or another company offering a rental service.
  • You can have a great time in Noblessner at the beer restaurant Põhjala. Here they make craft beer of the highest quality.