Noblessner seafront quarter

Noblessner is a modern urban seafront quarter in Tallinn. It is home to entertainment centers and popular restaurants that are considered some of the best in the city. Noblessner is one of the most popular places to walk near the sea.

History of the Noblessner Seafront Quarter

The Noblessner Quarter is located on the site of a former shipyard founded in 1912. Submarines were built and repaired here. Twelve submarines were built in the shipyard between 1913 and 1917.

After the Republic of Estonia was established in 1918, the production of submarines in Tallinn was stopped. The construction of steel merchant ships and sailing ships began here. Since 2001, the harbour has been owned by BLRT Grupp, but shipbuilding is not carried out here.

Today Noblessner is one of the most dynamically developing districts of Tallinn and Kalamaja district. Residential buildings have been built on the seashore. Also in Noblessner there is a yacht port.

What to see in Noblessner Seafront Quarter

People come to Noblessner to have a great time in a trendy environment. There is a beer restaurant, Põhjala Tap Room, which has its own brewery. There is also a bistro, a Japanese restaurant and many other similar places.

For families with children, the Proto Invention Factory is of particular interest. This is a modern virtual reality center. In the form of a game here you can get an idea of natural and physical phenomena.

Art lovers are welcome to visit the Kai Gallery. Young people can have a great time at the Hall techno club. For those who want to spend a romantic night on the sea, rent a hut in Iglu Park.

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Parking in the Noblessner Quarter is payable. The conditions and current prices can be found out on site. You can pay for parking via SMS or mobile app.

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How to get there

You can get to Noblessner from downtown Tallinn by bus line 73. Get off at the Noblessner stop. You can also get here on foot or by Bolt scooter or similar, which you can rent using a mobile app.

Things to see nearby

  • The Noblessner seafront Quarter is adjacent to the Seaplane Harbor Museum. It is a popular museum dedicated to maritime themes.
  • The steam icebreaker Suur Tõll stands at the pier of the Seaplane Harbor. Today it is used as a museum.
  • Those wishing to take a break from the atmosphere of the lively Noblessner quarter should visit Kalamaja Park. It is located next to the restaurant Põhjala. It is quiet, beautiful and peaceful.