Proto Invention Factory

Proto Invention Factory is a modern virtual reality center in Tallinn. It is located in the popular Noblessner seafront quarter. The exposition of the center is designed primarily for children, but it will be interesting for their parents as well.

What is the Proto Invention Center?

The Proto Invention Center allows you to immerse yourself in virtual reality. Here you can experience the sensations of flying in a balloon, imagine yourself as a bird and even take part in an underwater battle. All you need to do is put on special glasses in front of the attraction you are interested in.

In Proto you can also do scientific experiments. Here, for example, there is a cyclodrome, which is powered by bicycles, aerodynamic carousel, a piano zipper and much more. In the young inventors zone, children can study air flows, sound and light propagation.

The center is located on two floors of the former Foundry. Once upon a time, submarines were repaired here. Nowadays the historical premises have a New Age feel.

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Parking in the Noblessner Quarter is payable. Check the rates and conditions on site. Those who want to save money can take public transport or use a scooter Bolt.

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Opening hours

The Proto Discovery Center is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00. Check the official website for exact opening hours and entrance fees. By the way, Proto is also available for children’s parties.

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