Energy Discovery Center

The Energy Discovery Center is located in Tallinn near the Fat Margaret Tower. The center offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the world of physics and learn about electricity. There is a science theater, workshops, and a planetarium. Besides, thematic exhibitions and events for children are regularly held there.

Energy Discovery Center exposition

The mission of the Energy Discovery Center is to stimulate interest in science and understanding of technology through fascinating experiments. For example, in the science theater, you can get a glimpse of liquids and learn about comparative tension, the refraction of light and gravity, and the properties of steam. The theater program is suitable for children of all ages.

The exposition of the Energy Center is located on several floors. Many of the exhibits are interactive, making a visit to the institution even more interesting. Thrill seekers can walk through a mirror labyrinth or lie on real nails.

In the planetarium of the Energy Discovery Center, visitors can get an idea of the structure of the solar system. The planetarium is located in a spherical room with a 10-meter dome, which holds the starry sky with all the constellations of the solar system. Visitors to the workshops are invited to explore shadows and snowflakes, as well as mathematical figures.

Several times a day, a real lightning bolt is triggered in the laboratory. At the same time, visitors are told about the nature of this phenomenon. Visitors can also try to generate electricity themselves with the help of improvised materials.

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For visitors

Tallinn’s Energy Center is a great place for families. The center is open every day, including national holidays. The entrance to the center is on Kalamaja Street.


Address: Põhja pst, 29
Official website:

Interesting facts

  • The Energy Discovery Centre is located in a historic building where, until 1979, electricity was produced and supplied to various parts of Tallinn.
  • Today, exhibits that were once used in production tell of the building’s past. A special place is occupied by an oil engine, a Siemens autotransformer, a condenser for cooling water, various generators and transformers.
  • Visiting the center will be interesting for both children and their parents. The former will gain new knowledge, the latter will update their old ones.