Pärnu River Promenade

The promenade along the Pärnu River is one of the landmarks of the city with the same name. It is a beautiful place for walking, decorated with lanterns in the form of oars. At the beginning of the promenade there is a pier, from where the river cruises start in summer.

Description of the river promenade

The promenade begins at the Central Bridge, which is located near the Pärnu Yacht Harbour. There is a café at the beginning of the promenade. Along the road you can find benches for relaxing.

The Pärnu River Promenade is located near the city center. A few hundred meters from here you can find the Endla Theater and the city library. In the immediate vicinity you can find the Pärnu Concert Hall and the City Museum.

The bank of the Pärnu River is a public place. Alcohol should not be consumed here. Violation of this rule can result in a fine.

River promenade in the photo


Interesting places nearby

  • The beach promenade is equally popular in Pärnu.
  • From the Pärnu Yacht Harbour you can go on a cruise to Ruhnu Island.
  • Not far from the beach promenade is Vaasa Park. Here you can relax in the shade of trees.