Pärnu Bus Station

The Pärnu bus station is located right in the center of the city. It’s a great advantage for those who use public transport to get to the Estonian summer capital by bus. Especially, given that they run quite often. The busiest movement is on the line connecting Pärnu and Tallinn.

Pärnu bus station structure

The Pärnu bus station has an outside waiting area as well as a modern pavilion. Here you can wait for the bus under the roof with maximum comfort. In the building there is also a toilet.

Ticket office of the Pärnu bus station is located in the waiting pavilion. Here you can buy tickets for suburban, national and international lines. There is also a tourism bureau.

The bus station is a starting point not only for intra-republican, but also for suburban routes. From here you can get to nearby villages and towns, including Lavassaare, where the museum of narrow-gauge railroad is located. By the way, you do not need to buy tickets at the ticket office: you can also buy them directly from the driver when entering the bus.

Routes and destinations

Many international bus lines stop in Pärnu. For example, Tallinn-Minsk, Tallinn-Riga, Tallinn-Vilnius, Tallinn-Berlin lines. However, when planning the route be sure to clarify whether the flight you choose makes a stop in Pärnu.

Bus station on the map of Pärnu

Bus waiting platform is located at Pikk 40.

Shopping centers nearby

In the vicinity of the Pärnu bus station there are the city’s largest shopping centers, such as Port Artur. As in other Estonian cities, they are multifunctional here as well. Here you can buy new clothes, have a bite to eat in one of the cafes, thus shortening your time while waiting for your bus.