Mass grave and obelisk at Victoria Bastion

At the foot of the Victoria Bastion in Narva, in a small square on the way to the yacht port, stands a white stone obelisk. This is a monument at the mass grave where the victims of the Nazi concentration camps were buried. The exact number of people shot here is still unknown, but according to some sources their number exceeds 20,000.

Monument damaged
On August 16, 2022, by decision of the government, which includes the Reformierakond, Isamaa and the Social Democrats, a star was cut from the obelisk and the memorial plates were eliminated.

The mass grave on Jõe Street in Narva

During World War II there were at least seven concentration camps on Narva territory. The camp nearest the monument occupied the premises of the former cotton warehouses of the Krenholm Manufactory, also called “Red Barns”. Today there is little reminder of the tragic years of the mid-twentieth century, and the premises of the former barns belong to the yacht port.

How many people are buried in the mass grave located between Victoria and Honor Bastions is not known. The burial ground was decorated in 1947. An obelisk was erected on the site at the same time. Soldiers of the Soviet army, as well as prisoners of war and civilians fallen in battle were buried in the mass grave.

Description of the obelisk

The obelisk is made of classic material for such monuments – gray concrete. It is crowned with a five-pointed star. There is a memorial plaque with the words “Glory to Fallen Heroes, 1941-1945” both in Russian and Estonian. In 2010, the monument was fully restored, which, incidentally, is included in the state register of monuments and is under the protection of the state.


How to get there?

The mass grave and the obelisk are located in the public garden on the way to the Narva Yacht Harbor. The best way to get to the place of burial is from the side of Dark Garden along Sadama Street. You will need to go down the sidewalk and move in the direction of the river. The monument will be located on the left hand side.