Tädu Study Trail in Viimsi

The study nature trail of Tädu is located on the Viimsi Peninsula, not far from Tallinn. Its length is 3.5 kilometers. Here, you can see spruces growing on rocks, giant boulders, and various types of forest. There are also places for making a campfire.

Description of the Tädu hiking trail

The Tädu trail runs along a dirt road. Several information boards are installed along the route. The road ends at a small rest area, where everything necessary for a picnic is available.

The feature of the educational Tädu trail is that you need to walk about 800 meters along the roadside from its endpoint to the car park. The parking lot is designed for six cars.

There are feeding spots for animals on the Tädu trail. Deer often come here, mostly in the evening. At the campfire site, you can use pre-prepared firewood.

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Other interesting places

  • The Pandju island is of particular interest in Viimsi. It is a bird nesting place that people can only visit for a few months a year.
  • Nature and beauty lovers should consider visiting the Tallinn Botanic Garden. Be sure to visit the palm house here.
  • Near the botanical garden is the Tallinn TV Tower. You can go up to its observation deck.
  • For those who want to learn about the life of farm animals, we recommend visiting the Polly Zoo. It is located in the village of Tuhala.