Tabasalu Beach

The beach of Tabasalu is located in the town of the same name on the shores of the Baltic Sea. It’s only a ten-minute drive from Tallinn. It is located at the end of Looduspargi Street, where the educational hiking trail starts. To go down to the sea, go through the main gate of the park and before the stationary picnic area turn right and go down the stairs.

Description of Tabasalu Beach

Tabasalu beach area is quite small. It is ideal for secluded lovers and cannot accommodate large numbers of people. However, there are minimal facilities for leisure activities. In particular, the beach is equipped with a volleyball court and benches.

At the entrance to the beach Tabasalu installed a single stall for changing clothes. There are no queues at the stall, because even the locals prefer to go to Vääna-Jõesuu beach, which is a couple of tens of kilometers from Tallinn. This place is popular because it has all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable holiday, including a place for campfires.

The beach Tabasalu suitable for those who like to sunbathe, but do not want to swim. The sea here is shallow and you have to walk quite a long way to the depths. The disadvantages are compensated by a great view, which can be admired for a long time.

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