Muraste Beach

Muraste beach is located in Harju County, a 20-minute drive from Tallinn along Rannamõisa tee. It is a wild recreation spot with no special infrastructure. Nearby is the port of Tilgu, in front of which there is also a small beach area with a soccer field and a basketball court.

Description of Muraste beach

Muraste beach is an ideal vacation spot for neighborhood residents. It is conveniently accessible on foot from nearby homes. The lack of full parking makes it not the most convenient for those coming from the capital.

The beach is a sandy shore with pine trees growing on it. The size of the coastline from the water edge to the forest belt is a few meters. Some parts of the territory are stony.

You can swim in Muraste, but you should still be realistic about your abilities. There is no lifeguard team at the beach. Also note that the seabed here can be untended.

Equipment for a picnic on the beach and in its vicinity is absent. There are no stores, cafes or restaurants nearby either. The place is ideal for walks in the fresh air or for sunbathing.

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How to get there?

You can reach Muraste Beach from Tallinn via Rannamõisa tee. The distance is just over 21 kilometers. When leaving the city, follow the highway until you see a sign for Tilgu Sadam where you turn right. Then go straight ahead till the end of the road.

The car can be parked near the cell phone tower. The parking lot is free and not guarded. To get to the beach from here, you have to walk forward a few hundred meters.