Kaberneeme Beach

Kaberneeme beach is located about thirty kilometers from Tallinn. Despite the remoteness of this recreation area, people like to come here to admire the sea scenery and enjoy a quiet, peaceful pastime. There is a pine forest around the beach, where you can pick ripe blueberries in midsummer.

Cabernieme beach – recreational opportunities

Kaberneeme is a cape and a village in Harju County. Today there are numerous cottages here, but in the old days there were fishermen’s huts all over the place. Kaberneeme is famous for its yacht port, where you can go water-skiing or wakeboarding. There you can also find information about excursions to the islands in the Bay of Kolga – Koipsi, Rohusi, Umblu or Ramma, which can be reached either by renting a boat or by kayak trip.

A distinctive feature of the beach of Kaberneeme is the stony seabed. The sandy stripe is not very wide, but stretches for several kilometers. By the way, part of the beach is located under the low rocky cliff, the edge of which is paved with wooden decking, on which it is convenient to walk, admiring the sea view. At some parts of the route there are wooden benches for resting.

Picnics are allowed on the beach provided that proper safety precautions are taken. It means you can roast meat here using your own grill or brazier. It is best to do this in the forest belt, so as not to cause inconvenience to other vacationers. There are no official playgrounds for sports in Kaberneeme.

Vacation with children at Kaberneeme Beach

Kaberneeme beach is not suitable for kids. In the sense that there are no attractions for them. If you are going on holiday here with your children, be prepared for the need to carefully plan their leisure time. Also note that there is no lifeguard booth on the beach, so let the children into the water unaccompanied by an adult is not recommended.

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How to get to Kaberneeme Beach

The best way to get to Kaberneeme Beach from Tallinn is by private transport. From the city, you should take the Peterburi highway and go straight ahead to the sign to Kaberneeme. On the bridge, continue straight ahead without turning anywhere. Then follow the direction signs.


Parking near Kaberneeme Beach

There is a large parking lot near Kaberneeme beach. It is located in the forest belt, being separated from the beach by an asphalt road. The parking lot is not guarded, which means that it is not safe to leave any items in visible places.